Georgia Power Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

1.  Check our "Service Area" to make sure we can service your home.

2.  Schedule a "Bulb Survey" with us by emailing us at "CustomerService"  We will come out and survey your house for a charge of $75.  If you decide to have us convert your home to LED bulbs at that time, there is NO charge for the survey. 

We accept all major credit cards!

​​​we come to your home/business and replace all of your existing bulbs with led bulbs. an easy one-stop led BULB shopping & installATION experience!  and you save up to 85% off your lighting bill!

The prices of LED bulks have dropped dramatically and the types of bulbs available have increased at the same time.  NOW is a great time to convert all of the bulbs in your home/small business to LED and see instant savings from the second they are installed!   We come to your home/business and do everything*.  Install the new bulbs; install any dimmers (if needed); and recycle any CFL bulbs.   We can also install brand NEW LED motion sensor floodlights that are the best we have ever seen!  No ladders for YOU to climb; no bulbs for you to buy; and no need to worry about dealing with electricity!

See our bulb comparisons below to see how LED does work the best for you!