Q.  Can I really save that much money switching to LED bulbs?
A.  YES!   It’s simple math.  Compare the watts your current bulbs are using to the watts that the LED bulbs use.  Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number and divide that number by the bigger number.  That’s your percentage savings!  And don’t forget that you will not have to change these bulbs again for many years, so you will save even more money on NOT buying new bulbs and taking the time to install them.  

According to the U.S. Department of Energy for every LED light you use, you would have to buy 25 incandescent bulbs over the same time period.  You would also spend $129 for electricity using a traditional bulb available for purchase today vs. $25.50 for a comparative LED. 

Q.   How much of my monthly electric bill is actually from my home’s lighting?
A.    It depends on many things:  

             1.  What kind of bulbs you are currently using.  
             2.  How many hours a day people are at home. 
             3.  How good you and your family are at turning lights off when leaving a room and turning off electronics when not using them.

Our research shows that the lighting portion of your electric bill can vary from 15% - 25%.  We think using 20% is a safe bet when trying to figure out what portion of your monthly electric bill is from your home lighting.

Q.  When do I start saving money?
A.  As soon as you start using your new LED bulbs!

Q.  Do you warranty the bulbs you provide?
A.  We provide a 30-day warranty on our work and the bulbs we install.  If you have a problem with any bulbs after our 30-day warranty expires, you will need to contact the bulb’s manufacturer for warranty service.

Q.  How long will it take for you to replace all of our bulbs?
A.  That too depends on many things:

           1.  How many bulbs need to be replaced.
           2.  How many bulbs we need to climb a ladder or use a light bulb changer pole to replace.
           3.  How many can lights we need to replace.

           4.  How many dimmers we need to replace.
       We hope we can be done in less than two - three hours.

Q.  How much will it cost to convert my home?

A.  Of course, that depends on the type of home you have.  Our estimates by home type are:

​      1.   One-bedroom condo - $250+

      2.   Two-bedroom condo - $300+

      3.   Ranch - $600+

      4.   Townhome - $700+

      5.   Split - $800+ 

      6.   Two-story -  $1,000+


      All conversions will vary by home size and bulb types.  The best thing to do is download our bulb survey form from our home page and fill it out.  That will tell you exactly what your cost will be before sales tax is added.

Q.  How long will it take to take my money back on my home conversion?

A.  All of our research shows that it will take on average 6-18 months to see a return on your LED conversion investment.  That will, of course, depend on your home size; bulb mix; and your lighting usage habits.   

If you add the savings you get by NOT having to replace incandescent or CFL bulbs over the lifetime of the LED bulbs we install, you can reduce your ROI time frame by 2 - 6 months.

Q.  Is it true that LED bulbs can cause headaches?

A.  No.   Your are probably thinking of fluorescent bulbs that may give off a flicker that can cause people with light sensitivity to get a headache.  This article goes into the subject in more detail.   http://blog.1000bulbs.com/home/fluorescent-lights-and-headaches

Q.  Are You Willing To Work Outside Your Service Area?

A.  Possibly.  We developed a service area to ensure that we can schedule our customers efficiently and logistically and be as close to on-time as possible for our appointment.  If we spend to much time running all of the Atlanta metro area, we will probably be late for our appointments.  And that is poor customer service.

So...  If you if can get two other near-by friends or neighbors to agree to convert their homes on the same day as you, we will be happy to come to all three of your homes on the same day.   Please email us at CustomerService@Home2LED.com with your zip code and what day you and your friends want us to come out.